Businesses in Hammersmith & Fulham

Things you need to know about running your Hammersmith & Fulham Business:

  1. Where is your business going?
  2. What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  3. Where do you want it to go?
  4. Do you need help?
  5. you probably do, make sure you are registered in Hammersmith Council

Hammersmith and Fulham Council was to allow its 17,000 tenants and leaseholders to run businesses from their own homes. The authority is proposing changes that would make it one of the first shutters in the country to actively encourage tenants to set up on their own without shelling out for costly office space.

Tenancy agreements currently prevent many of the country's eight million social housing tenants from using their home for any form of trade or business and H&F Council has vowed to do away with the barmy rules to unleash a new generation of entrepreneurs in the age of austerity

Fire hit Fulham chippy reopens a year after blaze threatened future
A POPULAR Fulham fish and chip shop has reopened just over a year after it was gutted by fire.

  • Organization and business review; business and turnaround planning
  • Business process and corporate governance
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  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Management and management systems audit and design
  • Competitor identification and analysis
  • Project and Programme Management, Consultancy, Risk Assessment
  • Contract Management and Contract Law
  • Interim Management and advice on furniture hire business problems

We are management professionals, supported by highly successful business associates. All new Business Vibe, The Ultimate Resource for small businesses.

Since we want to relieve our customers, the organization works, we offer our special service areas for all full-service coordination, and all incidental works.


We assist business by the following four methods:


1. Benchmarking

The first stage is to establish an objective picture of the current position - how is the client company currently performing? What are its weaknesses and strengths? Is the need for a growth and profitability programme or even an exit strategy? This audit is the baseline review that forms the foundation on which Becteck will, in partnership with a client company, start to build for the future.

2. Strategy

The next step is to analyse the client company`s longer term visions, and develop a strategy to set the client in the direction of its goals. This is an essential part of moving any company forward, and again it will feature a diagnostic on where to apply skills that may be required.

3. Capability

This is where Becteck's team will identify a client company`s ability to address the skills, resources and the overall capability needed to move the company forward. This analysis relates the current situation, as defined at stage 1, with the actions that will be required to achieve the strategic goals identified in stage 2.

4. Delivery

The `How To` stage. This is where Becteck deploys the specialist skills of its team to ensure the client`s business moves forward in a structured and measurable way. This will ensure strategic ambitions are met. As key targets are met, they will be set against the benchmarks agreed in Stage 1, thus ensuring that all important measurable return.

Sounds simple? Well nothing ever is! But taking a step back from your business and spending some time analysing just where it is, and where it can go, is an essential discipline for all organisations.
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Our Mission at Bectek is to provide practical and affordable business advice and support to Managing Directors, Owners and Partners of SME`s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) in the South West of England, up to and including the Non Executive Director level.

So, if you are running a business in the South West, and feel you would benefit from some additional support or expertise, Bectek can help you get that extra senior management input in a way that is flexible, affordable and which really does work

For the UK to thrive in the future, Becteck need to operate in ways which deliver high business and social performance alongside good economic performance. We are guided in our mission by a set of core values, which direct our actions and determine the way we carry out our business. And because we believe in 'practising what we preach', we have set out a policy which will help us address the environmental and social impacts of our own activities.

If this sounds of interest then please contact Bectek or call 0845 0154 4541. Becktek Business Training 271 - 273 King Street, Hammersmith London, W6 9LZ